Melody Workout Leggings High Waist Butt Lift Leggings XXXL Leather Yoga Pants Black Tights Sport Leggings Women Gym Plus Size

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Product Description

Melody Wear-The Seam Hug Sculpture Technology Wear

Melody Workout Leggings High Waist Butt Lift Leggings XXXL Leather Yoga Pants Black Tights Sport Leggings Women Gym Plus Size

Product Details

Designed to FIT You Like A Glove 
Length: High Rise and Full Length 
Material: 78% Cotton and 22% Elastane  
Waist:Silicone Waist Band For Middle Waist (Will Never Slide Down)
Technology: Seam hug sculpture technology and silicon printed to hold the bum 
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 
Made with Organic Breathable 4-way stretch fabric give you long use, easy maintenance and long lasting (feels like you are wearing a second skin 
Seam hug sculpture technology slim the leg and lift the bum perfectly, show your body in charming, able to bring out a woman’s silhouette thanks to the shaping effect, highlighting while also supporting her curves.

Melody Cotton and Jeans Leggings Collections

Melody Cotton and Jeans Leggings Collections include below items
Jeans Leggings: jeans like look but leggings felling,with middle waist and high waist
Cotton leggings: spandex and cotton material, soft and thin like leggings , but it is a pants outside wore

Melody leather leggings

Melody leather leggings include regular waist and high waist , four ways stretchable fabric , super soft and comfortable.
You can call them yoga pants black, tights sport, sport leggings women

Melody butt lift shorts

Melody butt lift shorts include dark color thread,yellow color thread ,regular waist and high waist.
four ways stretchable fabric,soft , thin and comfortable,lift the bum and slim the leg perfect.

Melody Wear Anti Fake

How to sure your product is an original?
Melody Wear bought third party service to solve this problem

Business cooperation Welcomed

We support blind dropshipping fulfillment and logo custom service ,please contact with us if needed

Brand Melody Wear is built by a team in New York, whose main business was to design shaping pants. Our designers noticed though their shape wear wore inside made the female more confident when go outdoors,but the complex shape wear wore inside limit the girl’s activities apparently, so the idea hit the designers if it is possible to design a shape wear wore outside, mixed with fashion look and shaping function,allow the girls to get rid of the shape wear wore inside, liberate their body totally,make them confident and enjoy the freedom fully? Our team made hundreds samples, tested many materials and shaping craftsmanship, finally we find a perfect solution, we mixed the seam hug sculpture technology with silicon printing technology together, made an outside wore pants with simplified look but bum lift effect obviously, it is steel hot welcomed by girls especially by the fitness and gym girls.Since the pants start to sell at the name of Melody wear, for its simplified look,push up the bum well, super soft and comfy fabric, Very distinguishable outlook, the pants spread from the fitness and gym girls to the common girls, now it is a best selling items in fashion world. Though our work succeed, our team still working hard on this items, we try our best to to lower the cost, develop more color options, hope to supply more and more new styles for the fans. If you are a fashion or shaping fan, remember our Melody wear, a special shaping wear wore outside made from seam hug sculpture technolog